Sol Lamp:
• Is the Sol Lamp bright enough to read with?
Yes. The Sol lamp has three levels of brightness:
1. Candle
2. Ambient
3. Task/reading light
At the highest level (3) it's perfect for easy reading.

• Where can I find replacement globes?
You can purchase replacement globes here. Otherwise, you can find replacement lightbulbs at all good lighting and hardware suppliers.

• Will a incandescent globe work with my EDGAR lamp?
All drivers in our lamps are specially tuned for our LED globes, and incandescent globes are not recommended for use with our lamps.

• What power sockets are your lamps supplied with?
Our lamps are supplied with Type C plugs. Type G adaptors are supplied for orders in the UK, with native Type G plugs available in future shipments.

• Where is your warehouse located?
Our stock is held in our warehouse in Hilden, Germany.

• When will I receive my order?
Orders are processed following payment, and are sent out within 3-5 business days.

• What are your payment terms?
Payments are always proforma.

• Do you have a newsletter?
You can sign up to the EDGAR mailing list here.

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