Responding to a global world in the development and production of affordable iconic home products. Smartened accessories and daily basics with thoughtful form that accompany us on our way. Everyday more day in the day.

The atmospheric SOL lamp: simple and touchable, an addictive light source, so true to the moment of tap and change. EDGAR is not one but many. We also strive to encourage a growing pool of thoughtful designers with their forward thinking dreams made real and available. Together we consider, we think. Design is a statement about life and lives to be. The physical is our maybe possible. The shape of things to come is of our remaking - everyone’s involved. Let’s hone and be playful within our environments - say what we want to our worst friends, our new families. The most simple objects can in the best sense tip the delicate balance for the better new. Raise the brow, raise the bar on the known. Our home is social.

Knowledge apparently is power but connection is understanding. Let’s talk more, let’s allow difference and colour, let’s live with gracious circumspection and style not as an empty but full. We manifest the possible us. You create it in your ability to choose. Live with conscience, live smart, live with love.

Let's live together.